Farriers spend the majority of the day outside or traveling to different barns, and interacting with not only horses, but clients. They have an opportunity to make a competitive living everywhere, the trick is advertising the unique skill set. From highly populated cities, to the far reaches of gravel roads and back country ranches, horse owners are continually searching for competent, professional farriers.

At the Wyoming School of Horseshoeing, we are committed to your success in the field. We offer real experiences of working with horses and owners, a variety of shoeing situations and needs, and a solid background of anatomy and hand skills. This combination of education will give the student the opportunity to present themselves as the competent, professional farrier that horse owners are after!

Horseshoeing is a highly respected trade, one that offers individuality, direct influence on the health and soundness of horses, and specialized communication with horse owners. When you find yourself yearning for something more, something different, or something unique, Horseshoeing school is for you!

Typical "day in the life of a student"


Begin your day to the sounds of chickens crowing as you walk just across the driveway to the Tombstone Café for a fresh western breakfast.

After filling up, make your way up the hill to the F.E. Warren Clubhouse for morning class time. Typically we are in the classroom from 8 to noon most days.

Head over to the Senator's Restaurant for a great lunch.

Make your way to the shoeing and forging barn where you will apply your classroom learning to the hands on approach working on horses and your forging skills! Your instructor will be in the barn working with you side by side so you get the best experience and learning possible for the rest of the day.

After a day of classroom work and Horseshoeing, you have the rest of the night to yourself. You can choose to study the classroom material for the next day in the comfortable bunk house, head back out to the barn for more forging practice, or take it easy and kick back at the Senator's Restaurant.


Back to the Tombstone Café for a hearty Breakfast!

Head out to the barn for another day of horse work and forging! We will have class until 12PM on most Saturdays.

After that, the weekend is yours! Choose to study, take in some of the other opportunities that the Terry Bison Ranch offers, or take some time to experience the local attractions. Just some attractions are historic Cheyenne, home of Cheyenne Frontier Days, or Estes Park in Beautiful Colorado about two hours south of the school. Take in a tour at one of Fort Collins many breweries, or choose to hike around the Horsetooth Reservoir. We will see you back in class bright and early Monday morning!

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