Looking for a career in horseshoeing as a farrier? The Wyoming School of Horseshoeing is your first stop!

Farriers spend the majority of the day outside or traveling to different barns, and interacting with not only horses, but clients. They have an opportunity to make a competitive living anywhere. The trick is advertising your unique skill set. From highly populated cities to the far reaches of gravel roads and back country ranches, horse owners are continually searching for competent, professional farriers to handle horseshoeing for their animals.

At the Wyoming School of Horseshoeing, we are committed to your success. We offer real experiences of working with horses and owners, a variety of horseshoeing situations and needs, and a solid background of anatomy and hand skills. The Wyoming School of Horseshoeing's combination of education and training will help you become the competent, professional farrier that horse owners are after!

Horseshoeing is a highly respected trade, one that offers individuality, direct influence on the health and soundness of horses, and specialized communication with horse owners. When you find yourself yearning for something more, something different, or something unique, the Wyoming School of Horseshoeing is for you!


I completed the four week course at the Wyoming School of Horseshoeing and in that time I was able to learn a tremendous amount about horse leg/hoof anatomy, horseshoeing, as well as farrier business basics. Brooks is a wonderful instructor with a great personality for teaching and coaching and I learned so much through hands-on practice as well as textbook curriculum. The program is sufficiently challenging to learn a lot in a few short weeks, but not overwhelming. If you're serious about starting or advancing your skills in horseshoeing, I would absolutely recommend Brooks and the Wyoming School of Horseshoeing.

-Ted, Colorado

I graduated from the 4 week course at the School recently and would highly recommend it to anyone planning a career as a farrier.

The course was very well structured and has a great balance of practical work and classroom time to arm you with the skills and knowledge to go out and work on horses when you finish. You will know where to look for answers when you run into issues, how to look after your business and scheduling, and come out with the mindset to continually strive for improvement and development, and take pride in your work.

Brooks is a great teacher, he is very patient and encouraging, and really works hard to ensure you develop your skills and confidence so you can be successful once you leave the school. There are lots of opportunities to work with horses, the horses are good to deal with, and you are exposed to a broad range of shapes and sizes with some interesting cases to learn off as well.

The classroom facilities are excellent, the tools all high quality and the shop is well thought out, everything you need is available to you. The Accommodation and food is great, I was very comfortable and well fed for the duration of my stay, as an international student far from home I felt very welcomed.

If you are willing to apply yourself and commit to your learning this course will set you up for your future extremely well, I learnt so much while I was there and had the best time!

-Alex, Tasmania

The Wyoming School of Horseshoeing is an excellent school. Brooks is an awesome instructor and will teach you everything you need to know to successfully, and safely, trim and shoe horses on your own. The smaller class sizes allow students to practice and learn more than if the class sizes were larger. Also, it is more than just a place that teaches you how to trim and shoe horses. Brooks teaches you the business side of farrier work as well. He shares his past experiences with the students to teach them what, and what not, to do in the business and practical aspects of being a farrier. For anyone wanting to learn how to become a farrier, I highly recommend The Wyoming School of Horseshoeing.

-Ben, Wyoming

Having attended an accredited 8 month farrier program, and several shorter courses, I'm confident I can provide an accurate review for this school. First off Brooks is an extremely patient, and encouraging instructor who obviously has a sincere desire to teach - effectively.

The course focused on gaining complete competency on the most core, essential, skills for this trade, while allowing for offshoots into specialized concerns. I correctly applied more shoes here in 2 hard weeks of work, than in my 8 month program.

Horses were overall a pleasure to work on, most being extremely patient, and the lab was well set up, clean, and modern. The entire aspect of living, eating, and relaxing on site at the ranch was a positive to allow long, hard days of working on horses.

Not only would I not hesitate to recommend this school, I'm returning to complete another specialized section as soon as space is available.

-Brian, Alberta, Canada

"Wyoming School of Horseshoeing provided an excellent course of instruction! This was just what I was looking for. I loved the fact that we were able to gain first hand experience on a variety of live animals. We worked on everything from miniature donkeys to draft horses.

Brooks's passion for shoeing horses is evident in his teaching. Above all, he has the right temperament for his role as an instructor. He is extremely patient!

When I think of this school, I think of professionalism. Professionalism is a main focus of this course, and is expected in all aspects. I also really liked that business is emphasized in the school. At the Wyoming School of Horseshoeing, they teach you more than how to shoe a horse!"

- Brad, MT

"The Wyoming School of Horseshoeing provided me with a unique experience from trimming donkeys to draft horses to a dissection of the lower leg. I could not be more satisfied
with this school.

Brooks's patients and passion for teaching were very evident in the day to day activities. Brooks wants to make the industry better by preparing students for real world situations.

The food and accommodations were excellent."

- Micah, WY

"After completing the 2 week course at Wyoming School of Horseshoeing, I feel confident in going out and shoeing horses safely. The food and the dorms are right on the ranch so there is no need to ever leave the school. Once you've paid tuition and tools, there is not much expense after that if you choose. The education I received here at the Wyoming School of Horseshoeing is something I can use for the rest of my life. I would recommend this school to anyone who has the
desire to shoe horses." -Aaron, NE

The Wyoming School of Horseshoeing is proud to call the Terry Bison Ranch home! TBR offers a tremendous list of activities for families of all ages from the private fishing pond, to horseback and train tours through their herd of bison, and the famous and award winning Senators Steakhouse. We are excited to be a part of the historic Terry Bison Ranch, and uphold the motto of "The West the way you want it".

Typical "day in the life of a student"

Weekdays at the Wyoming School of Horseshoeing

Make your way up the hill to the school classroom and shop for morning class time. Typically we are in the classroom from 8 to 12.

Head over to the Senator's Restaurant for a great lunch.

Make your way to the shoeing and forging barn where you will apply your classroom learning to the hands on approach working on horses and your forging skills! Your instructor will be in the barn working with you side by side so you get the best experience and learning possible for the rest of the day.

After a day of classroom work and Horseshoeing, you have the rest of the night to yourself. You can choose to study the classroom material for the next day in the comfortable bunk house.

After work, the weekend is yours! Choose to study, take in some of the other opportunities that the Terry Bison Ranch offers, or take some time to experience the local attractions. Visit historic Cheyenne, home of Cheyenne Frontier Days just a few miles north, or Estes Park in beautiful Colorado about two hours south of the school. Take in a tour at one of Fort Collins many breweries, or hike around the Horsetooth Reservoir. We will see you back in class bright and early Monday morning!

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