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*After graduation from any course, we encourage students to explore opportunities for apprenticeship programs locally, (with help from the school) or abroad. By becoming involved with an apprenticeship program, students can constantly hone their craftsmanship and skillset for a basis of a great career.

Each course includes written tests containing subjects covered in the classroom portion every week, shoe modification grading at the end of every week, and the student's horse handling improvements will be recorded through the length of the course and presented to students upon graduation for reflection of growth and ability.

Course Descriptions

2 Week Course — $1,900

This is our entry level Horseshoeing course. The classroom portion of this introductory course focuses on the basic anatomy of bones, tendons, and ligaments of the leg. Students will also explore some common diseases and lameness of the leg and proper methods of treatment. This course visits the basics of client interaction and business techniques that will result in positive customer communication.

The horse work and forging portion of this course will focus on the basics of safely trimming hooves and nailing a shoe on the foot. Students learn proper body positioning under the horse, functional use of tools while under the horse, and basic horsemanship skills related to body language and approach. The forging portion includes a background in differences and applications of shoes, sizes, and nails. Students also learn basic shoe shaping techniques while using the forge to better match a shoe to the hoof.

Upon graduation from this course, students will leave the school with the ability to confidently trim hooves, nail on shoes, and interact with clients in a professional setting.

4 Week Course — $3,250

This is our intermediate course for the students who are looking for a deeper understanding of horseshoeing and the responsibilities of a professional farrier. The classroom aspect of this course continues with bone anatomy and function, tendon and ligament purpose, and a more in depth look at pathology of injuries and diseases of the horse.

The horse and forging portion of this course includes the basics of making a standard shoe from scratch, practice of simple shoe modifications using the forge, and proper applications of these modifications to hooves. Students also gain valuable time building confidence and ability while under the horse.

Graduates from our intermediate course will leave with a well-rounded knowledge of the functioning leg of the horse, common lameness/disease diagnosis and confidence of proper treatments, and the ability to modify shoes at a worksite therefore becoming more marketable to clients.

8 Week Course — $6,500

This is our "Pro-Class" course and is a very high achievement of education for our students. In the classroom, students will examine the detailed hoof structure, aspects of blood circulation, and a thorough analysis of conformation and gaits of horses. There will also be further exploration of disease of the horse, and tendencies that cause lameness with relation to conformation and gaits.

Horse and forging aspects of this course involves the most time under the horse while continuing to build confidence and ability- the place a farrier spends the most time! This is a complete blend of basic fundamentals of trimming, to the professional adaptation of properly shoeing each individual horse. In front of the forge, students continue to learn more shoe modifications, and begin to refine their abilities of making shoes by hand. Professionalism of the farrier and craftsmanship of their work is our emphasis with this course.

Upon graduation, students will have a proper background and developed understanding of aspects to confidently take the AFA Classification Exam. This entry level testing will begin to distinguish the student in marketability and aptitude, and provide professional services to clients.


Tuition Covers…

Food, lodging, shop supplies, & gas usage.

Tuition Does Not Cover…

Tools required for each specific class and required books. Tools and books will be purchased from school separately from tuition and student will then be able to take tools and books home.

Required Tools & Books

Required tools and books are different from course to course and tool packages can range greatly in price and quality. Please call the school for help in choosing a tool package that is right for you.

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